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We trust brands we discover through our friends

We all want input from friends before buying, whether IRL or sharing online

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People buy things their friends like

Shoppers go to their friends first. 77% of consumers were more likely to buy a product if their friends recommended it. - Nielson

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Conversations happen in the group chat

Shoppers share products in messaging apps, because that's where they're already talking with their friends

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The fastest way to get input from friends 🚀

Create a poll. Share in the group chat. The votes are in.

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“People love the feature, and it gets them talking about our brand with their friends.”

Demi, CEO, 12th Tribe
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“Our customers love Polls and we have seen an incredible ROI since installing their Shopify app. I highly recommend them to any brand that is customer focused”

Vicky, Director of E-commerce at Ever Pretty
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“Customers love sending polls and the results have been incredible. Polls is lightning in a bottle for e-commerce brands”

Natalie, CEO, Luli Fama